Wanjohi Wa Kigogoine TBT

I have never telled you why Theuri removed from transport business. That is the reason Theuri faints faints and wakes up tommorow of that day if you mention trucks business. The memory of that business is soo bitter, he faints again if he remembers after waking up that he had remembered about his truck.

Theuri had a several million loan from NIC to buy a tifa from TATA motors. When he was buying, he had been made to believe that daily, it will be inserting a profit of 30k after removing all things. So, paying 250k a month did not, in his wildest dream, seem to be a problem. In his head, he had calculated that to he was to be remained by over 600K a month after paying loan in a bad month.

He did mathematics and saided he will build a flat in every estate in Nairobi and keep one trapper in each, meaning daily, he will be pouring at will.
To cut the story short, he did not smell any profit to close to that. But it was making money small small in then middle of many troubles of police, kanju and others whose lives depends solely on the owners of trucks.

One day, the loan had pressed him too much. It was almost due date and he didnt have even what. God came through in the hour of need; he was given contract of supplying stones, from a quarry in Syokimau inside inside until various places.

Everyday, it was making 25k without lacking until he started to talk bad that how people with many trucks but always sing trouble. It is me he was backbitting. Satan as you know is another one.

One day, we were at Magomano eating meat of dipping when a call came through. Looking, it was a driver of his truck. In his head, he knew something must have gone wrong somewhere as usual because drivers dont call the owner to tell him how they have made money. It is only to sing trouble.

When he picked the driver saided
“Munene, hena gathina. Rori ni ya tiruka guku kwale, ona yuma hakuki kugua kware ine irima thiini,. Riu inyitituo nda ndingigucio no nginya yoyuo na kirini” (Big, there is a small trouble. The lorry has slipped small almost falling in quarry. It cant be pulled by other trucks because it is catched in the stomach, only a crane can remove it, it lifts it up and return it on road"

There there, we started looking for a crane to lift it up. All cranes he call, they say they charge 8k an hour, and they must be paid 2 hours of coming and 2 hours of returning. This excludes the hours it will take to recover. This means you also pay it when its on road to recover the truck. It starts your work when it beats engine fire from the owners place.

I happened to know a person that knew a Shineese that had a crane. I was given the Shineese no. I called him and telled him what I wanted. he telled me.
“Me recover at 25 zausand la.”
I telled him 20k. He saided "nooooo, 25 last last. 25 good laaa. ok? "
I telled Theuri that he has asked 30k to recover and does not count hours of the road. Theuri saided ok.
I went outside and telled him
'Charge 30k, you give me 5k. Deal la?

He agreed. But before he could start the engine of his crane, he wanted a deposit of 20k sent to him. Theuri sent to him by MPESA.
The crane went and lifted the lorry up high. Then the unthinkable happened.

We were still drinking at Magomano. The driver called. Theuri telled us that he knows it has been recovered, it is balance they want of 10k they want but wont send. “Ndingituma onaki” ( can’t send a thing). After incessant calling he picked with intent to abuse.

Driver: “Munene, guathuka o rimue! Dagika ya 90” (Big, it has become bad at once. 90th minute"
He asked what happened as he shook all bells.

The driver saided
“Mushina ndagiuka oherera kirini, oya rori iguru piu niguo amicokie fara o ta mutugo. O rimue, tuaigua twafff… kirini yatuika. Reke nguire, rori yaikuruka buga buga,kinya kware thiini. Kiromita ta thate. Kuu no mahoya mangimiruta” (The chineese guy came and folded his crane on the lorry. He lifted it up hi so that he return it to the road. Small, we heard twaff. The crane had cutted, the lorry went down down the quarry like 30 kilometers deep. I think the only thing that can remove it from that far now is prayers"

He fainted. When he woke up, he asked the driver where is Chineese he abuse him and make him pay for damages.
The driver saided “Riria ona kirini yake yatuika na kuria rori yaku yagua, no itinga riake arurumia na athie” (When he saw his crane cut, and the far your lorry has falled, he just beated his truck engine and left"

There there, Theuri kept quiet for like one hour while gazing at me.
He then saided

"No ngumenyaga Wanjohi niukunyarira. No ngumenyaga tu. We niwe urehire mushina ucio. Riu nderuo kirini yake handu ha kuruta rori irima, nikumiikia ya miikia. kwanja akiendaga. We riria uthire kwariria nja, uma kwira mushina waku amiikie fiu. Niwakinina niwakena. Gatuni ona kibau ndigatumiire na nigathie’ (I knew Wanjohi you will destroy me. I knew piu piu. You are the one that brought that Chineese. I have been told that instead of recovering my truck, he lifted it up and threw it inside quary deliberately. I think when you went to talk outside, you went to tell your Chinese guy to fall my lorry instead of recovering it. You have finished me and I know you are now happy. The fucker has left and I had paid him 20k)

I removed phone and called the Shineese guy.
“What have you done my friend?”
Shineese “Ching hong ku hooo”
Me: What are you saying? what happened la?"
Shineese: “chong ku shi ha. Me no know english la. Talk shina la cho chi hung!”
Me: what? I call police la?
Shineese “chong hu ko. no english now. talk shinese la”

So, after the business destroyed, he forgotted English even small. Before, he was talking and hearing English, now he doesn’t.
We went until quarry and saw the damage. The lorry was down and looked like it scrap metal material even from far.
Theuri saided we go back. for one week, he did not go to recover until the owner of the quarry saided that he will recover it and throw it away because it was obstructing his work.

He looked for another crane and it was recovered. It had been destroyed piu. Even the mechanics advised him to buy another truck instead of even thinking of repairing that.
He measured it at those scrap metal.
Business is hard but transport business is like marrying a trapper. You never know peace even small.

I am
Dagitari Onjohi
Snr. Gyno

Very sad story. Vehicles can sometimes make you commit suicide. Even the small ones.


Zilikosa ladha hizi story when everyone acquired the Wanjohi complex

Yeah, Kenyans… Read too many of him and biko zulu… Now kila mtu anaandika same things.

Wanjohi was the real OG