wanjinga ndio waliwao

i cant believe the creativity level of the Kenyans…imagine that someone somewhere is running a promotion called zindua chapa only that the promotion is a copy cat of the recent safaricom promotion,…the promotion number for safaricom was 2929…theirs is 29299…note the difference…na imagine watu wantuma.

The only true promotions are charity sweepstakes na mavuno kenya mzima

atleast I can say sijacheza even once hii zindua chapaa

waaah thats dope

Whats the promotion about?

Wajinga it is. :slight_smile:

What do you mean “true promotions”? Its licensed the betting and licensing board. But they are minting money though. 19/- per sms that you send…safaricom takes 5/-, You have to give i think 30% to charity, so 4.20/- to charity, tax is 2.94. Unless Im forgetting something they are making a minimum of 6.86/- per sms

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:):slight_smile: Hesabu uko sawa

I don’t believe in this shit…in other words I just don’t consider myself lucky,so why bother with it??

i dont have to rush for this easy money…

@nairobilay do you know the cost of starting a premium sms service through safcon?

No i don’t. Although I assume they have some rates for bulk sms. You should be able to set up the same premium service online and run it off a server at a much cheaper rate though.

The other day a deaf guy was the winner of 100k…How did they contact him to inform him?

maybe by sms…or someone takes his calls

Got all the info, barriers of entry are too low.let me brainstorm for ideas.

The same thoughts crossed my mind…But lets be practical.

I guess they gathered info as to where he lives and brought the news to him personally

With gambling the house always wins…

I tried finding out the source of the promotion, couldn’t get any nikajua hapa wakenya watakamuliwa. Ati millionaires daily and 50m for the final winner? Mimi siibiwi nikiona…