Wanjigi hutoa wapi pesa zake

Naona huyu msee ako balling vibaya Hadi ako na links an the Chinese

Babake ni mti sober, kama babake Mudavadi. Alimfunza mapema kutengeza loss na profit accounts

fafanua please…seems I learnt very little about moses mudavadi in my history classes.

The comprador elite of Kenya. They are intermediaries and agents of global capital who then link it with the PREDATORY STATE.

Hawa ni watu huwa involved in mega projects in this country, the fuy was in the deep and thin of Anglo-leasing.

if you have ever watched House of Cards there is a character called Remy Danton.similar to Wanjigi, no one can identify any big brand that Jimmy Wanjigi has built but he is wealthy.

Yeye ni ule msee

Movers n shakers of the economy

it gives me pleasure when I read a comment like this because it shows (in my view) there are folks who know what is happening. so it is not an entirely lost cause.

Tenderprenuer who gets 10 % cut from mega state cartel driven projects.

I want to know his secrets and be like him

He walks like a cat and floats like a butterfly. It is a hard act to follow. You gotta start as a toddler

My understanding is that he is a middleman of some sort. Link between government officials and developers. You pay him for giving you “access” to government contracts. 10-25% of the inflated price.

I don’t see him as comprador bourgeoisie, I see him as an influence peddler period.
it does not matter whether his clients are colonial or local as long as he gets his cut. He trades on power and influence drawn from family and school networks.

You really are that clueless???
Can you name a single enterprise baba yake alifundisha kuendeleza???

Thats big shouldnt it be 8 to 15%

Some families educate their kids in specific schools, the latter are not places of educating rather places of networking and passing time as kids grow, the role of education falls squarely on the parents.

Babake wanjigi ni mwanabiashara, wenye wanafanya biashara wanamjua.

Kenya power bado inamlipa kama ameketi tu

Biashara gani???
What invisible business is this that rakes in billions?
The guy is just a Wheeler dealer living off our hard earned taxes!!!