Sura naweza digress nifunike na kitambaa mwili i can deal with properly. Buda dm contacts

Pucy looks over used. This one unaeza kaza matako ikuwe ndimu in vain

Ai! Huyu naye hapana


Mbona this bitch looks hella familiar

Lisa ama ?

Aiiii. Zi.

Beshte yangu Faidah, met her on tinder in 2019 tukaenda Tribeca for some drinks- she brought her friend Maureen, which she told me she would before and didn’t i have a problem with it. Vibe ilienda poa, though i clicked more with her friend. Her tinder photos were way better than what she actually looks like. I guess ni hips zilinishow nimpigie. Due to logistic issues, we parted ways after a few drinks and bitings. A month later, all three of us meet at Lazarus again for drinks. She kept mentioning this place which she said is a nice spot for chilling.

I’m not very familiar with Clubs around town and was looking for new joints to have a beer or two after uni. Ilifika around 11pm, at this point sisi wote maji, brought them back to the hostel apo USIU and shagged them both. Faidah btw ni Rwandan, a very calm and cheerful girl. 2019 she didnt have tattoos i noticed from her stories on Whatsapp over the years ni kama alikuwa anamorph into a kunguru. Alianza kuenda out drinking expensive liquors which i knew was not financed by her. She comes from a humble background with many siblings. When i saw her trending on telegram ilibidii nimwambie. It was hard starting the story. This shawty was not shocked, she knew she had been exposed. Yaani she has 1m views on one of the vids. She said it makes her lots of money. She wants us to meet soon nikamwambia im busy with work. I wouldn’t give her strokes now, but another through pass would not be bad


Omwami nisaidie na channel

Weka video ndio elders wakimuona wamwambie awache tabia mbaya


Nisaidie channels

Mark my words kuma ya mama ya @PHARMACY ni taamu, shida tu ni harufu ya jasho ya matako. It’s like the bugger cursed the hole he was born

takataka but ntakula

Leta number

Umeonea kuma wapi kwa hizi picha ?

Concentrate on fucking that ugly ogre you call wife to birth the 7th Mongolian as you wait to harvest ‘rubber’ from your mum’s coomer with king Leopold’s gusto to sell at witchcraft black markets .

Mdomo mingi yet you know the drill. Lete link ya iko na Faidah aiseh

Leta coordinates fellow villager