Wangapi wamekamua?

What’s wrong with guys here with , yesterday we had @MajorProphet , today @Yobbie glorifying their risky sexual excapedes? @administrator should excoriate this trend. If you’ve to do it don’t brag here, it’s not an achievement. Rusheni mawe

Even google knows hapa ni lanye heaven

Na bei ni 1 dalla

acheni kupanick…hamuezi believe mtu anasema kitu by word of mouth…Talkers apa wako careful…so mtu akisema ameenda raw msichukue ka Gospel truth
…anahype tu


My deepest apologies for causing you discomfort but no one forced you to click the posts open

We meza arvs bila kusumbua kijiji… Who told you to go raw with a malaya

@MajorProphet ni ule homosexual huweka naked men hapa kwa kijiji

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Haha.

I’m glad that you’re a keen follower of my posts. Keep up the good work.

i blocked you devil homosexual kitambo sana . umbwaaaaaaaa

For a person who blocked me kitambo why are concerned about what I post?

Let people live their lives to the fullest, whether it’s dry frying porcupines or driving 250 at the express way! We can’t make it it a life out of this world

Kutoka upate ukedi umejaribu lakini wapi! Destination langata