Wanfunzi Sacco

Hello esteemed members. Just finished math homework. Anyway, to today’s question; do you believe the youth should have easier access to family planning services(not abortions of course)?
I believe so. There’s nothing preventing me from walking up to the counter at Tusky’s and picking up a pack of some CDs, but since I live with my parents that isn’t very simple for obvious reasons. I am well aware that condoms are only effective about 89% of the time(use two and that jumps to 178%) but it’s better than nothing. Since I am pro-life, I believe making it easier for a person like me to access such services would decrease the rate of student pregnancies and backstreet abortions. I started thinking about this earlier today when one of my classmates claimed to not be a virgin. I believe him(but the next time I see that nerdy Indian nigga up there serving mass acting all holy…) and that really made me rethink my life choices. I decided last year that I’d preserve my 'card 'till the night after I get dat ring but if a person like him could have done it at this point then why couldn’t have I? Anyway hope yah drop by and give yer thoughts. Wanfunzi Eee? Wanfunzi Aaaa.

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