Wanderi Send-off

Where are you listers? We are under-represented here at KUFH. Kujeni pls.

Take Photos and update us as the funeral process continues

picha na updates… we are watching… job ni mob leo

Sioni Crazydude, the official paparazzi.

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Going direct to sabasaba after kupanga job.Tupatane huko

Bona hukutupea lift pwana…represent us then

Pole guys, I will not make it to sabasaba. I will post photos for KUFH. Those heading to the place pls mtuwekee mbishas.

pia mimi nimeshikika mbaya thought nitafika lakini it looks difficult

Lets proceed to bay 2 for viewing.

Guys, chungana na Mauki Family.


Pia mimi sija chika hiyo …

Update us hii kazi ya gumbaru imenishika na mpeleke rambi rambi zetu kwa jamaa na marafiki wa wanderi huko muranga.

The journey begins

Problem is between the keyboard and the chair.


Have succeeded.

Off to Sabasaba.
Eternal rest, grant unto him, O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May he rest in peace.

sob sob:(

[ATTACH=full]2216[/ATTACH] …thats the last time i saw you darling…and today i escort you home…rest now shuga…rest my friend.


Pole @Supu don, I feel you.