Niliita Kibaki…watu ya Ruto wakakataa
Nikaita Raila…watu ya Ruto wakatataa.

Sababu ya ujinga, anaenda kuita Gideon Moi…watu ya Ruto imekataa.

If you aren’t scared why not let the meeting happen?

Ruto hakutumia kifua kuona Moi Kabarak. Gideon awache kutumia kifua. Apige riporti mapema, akuje mchana saa saba, atakaribishwa.

What’s the significance of Telai elders’ coronation ? What modern skills do they have ? For instance , if appointed to work at treasury, can these elders give us a balanced budget ? How many peer reviewed papers have these elders written, na patent je ?
Prior to the coming of the Europeans, did the people of Nandi have the wheel ? @sani shed some light ?

ALL the guys messing our economy at the treasury are PhDs.
Before the Europeans came… before we had the wheel…did we die because we had no wheel? How did the Nandi survive all those years without the wheel?

What was the infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate and life expectancy of the Nandi before the coming of the Europeans?

Our last Supreme Chief Barsirian Arap Manyei was 92 when he breathed his last.

@sani The more you resist him the more extreme you seem, they are fishing for the moderate votes and you guys are handing them over on a silver platter with such acts.

These archaic political acts should not be tolerated in this time and age. We are in a democratic country and everyone should be free to travel anywhere and associate with whomever.