Wameanza kujitoa. One after anaza..

The next zateen (13) will probably the loneliest ever in Guka Trump’s presidency.
First he has been blocked by his closest ‘friends’ that is Twirra and MKZ.
Then this:
He should be put on suicide watch.

Huku, I’d rather die than resign.

There is adequate video showing Antifa dressed as MAGA supporters and entering the Capitol building to cause chaos.

Of course the idea is to censor the president and take power by force.

Yet you called him ‘Sleepy Joe’.

Na bado. It’s not just taking power by force, lazima the orange turd na vinyangarika vyake vitupwe ndani

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Show us Trump’s Motorcade and Boat Parades of 100 plus vehicles Vs Biden’s 8 cars!! Who is crying now?