Wameanza kuhaha kuzuia Mo asiseme Ukweli Januari alihojiwa Eti Mo amekuambia nini?

It isn’t me alone who has been shocked by news that Police called you for grill.

For grill? simply because MO is your friend and you went at his home to console him as he returned safely to his family after being kidnapped.

That,Police are suspecting you that you’re either probably one of the kidnappers or you may know something behind his abduction.

A high profile man like you, a classic and as well a high government official is being suspected in the kidnapping mission.

Beforehand as MO was kidnapped and went missing,Police convened a press conference and briefed the public about the entire saga,on how kidnappers managed to get astray with MO.
They said,the kidnappers were two white men disguised in mask,after a few days they came up by another story, saying that the kidnappers spoke a strange language that’s mainly found in Southern Africa.

My Brother, Swahili say,“Soma alama za nyakati”.

The big man needs you not anymore.

By My Son Drink Water in Perth


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Hao jamaa wajinga saana

Okay nimekupata.

Time will tell…

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