Yesterday I took about 20 whitecaps for free, the buying fools were celebrating the puppy’s coronation. After gulping so much, some 4 adults in their mid or late 40s begun a urinating competition just outside the bar, the man who shot the furthest was crowned the winner and losers would buy him 3 bottles each, the exercise continued as soon as their urine pouches got filled up. Only one man was winning that contest, he could shoot urine the furthest than my 6 year old nephew, this act left many wondering, the next round came, they stood on a line and the next contest kicked off, all eyes were focused on the usual champion, it took the wisdom of Mzee Njoroge to notice something that was amiss, he noticed that the usual loser seemed to have a small dickling, which was partially visible, Mzee Njoroge told the urination athletes to put their hands on heads, he wanted to check them, they obliged…The Mzee went straight to the obvious winner, he retrieved a water gun that children use to spray water at each other…it seems they are used to playing that funny game in pubs. The champion upon learning he had been blasted, he simply walked in his car and escaped.[ATTACH=full]143145[/ATTACH]

puppy coronation?


stop drinking with sewer stirrers…or you were in good company?

:D:D:D inakaa hio mchezo ya kukojoa ni mazoea yao forcing someone had to hack the system and bag the price in all contests.

Hehehehe, some stories you can only get hapa

The kid in men never grows up.

uwongo hizo three beers 50 mulikua mumemununulia hakuna vile angeendesha gari

Uongo imeanza hapa kwa 20 bottles ulimeza, from there it went downhill. really fast.


This doesn’t add up but pewa like I can see you are a blood drive fan

Ati 20 bottles? :D:D:D:eek:

Have you ever read that book by Alexander Dumas, the 3 muskateers? if yes then you realize that they had a 4th helper

They did?trying to figure out who?

Also waiting to hear.

So men after getting drunk you start playing dick games instead of looking for pussy??! Lanes!

Hii chumvi jameni itaua mimi :D:D

M. de tréville although they chose to stick to the three main protagonists Arthos, pothos and Aramis

Gayer than Dinywavanga

watu overweight pekee ndio nimeona wanakunywa hio kiwango