Wakulima wa mahindi...

…Ministry of agriculture seeking treasury approval to import 12.5 million duty-free. Import window to run to end of October meant to sstabilize prizes of unga, says Agriculture CAS Dr Andrew Tuimur.


Hii hata imechelewa. Buseki kasi imeingia

Sjai elewa mbona CS wa agriculture was a Kikuyu appointee, am not against Kikuyu appointees if they are picked on merits rather than mutu wetu syndrome

Dec last year, farmers sold their maize as low as ksh.1000/- per bag to brokers. It was already in excess. Na sa hii ati akuna mahindi? Tuambiwe tu ukweli

I’m very much disappeared by this government

what are you saying/asking?


There is no maize?I watched a certain program called News which comes at 9 pm on a certain tv station and they showed someone with over 1000 bags of maize saying the government refused to buy saying they have enough maize.

Enyewe farmers huchezewa.


The Private sector which will import the maize does not like local farmers maize because it is more expensive than that grown in Natal or Mexico. Ours is grown with very expensive subsidized fertilizers you know …

Think the day has been too much ,Let me sleep !

:smiley: ours is so expensive that the cheaper maize from mexico has to come in duty free

Uko na uji wa mahindi kwa akili.


lala unone:D

We have useless leadership hell-bent to defraud the very people that elected them to solve their perennial problems. Religious leaders too have failed us. Wapi Ole Sapit, Wabukharra @Liberty and other religious fraudsters? Mnyonge Hana haki kweli.

All the leaders in this beautiful country we call home should be rounded up from the top to the MCAs, put in a chamber and gassed up. Then we start a fresh.

Chunga usi robert alai

this is sad on a personal level