Wakisii mnaulizwa nini?

Nyamira Questions Arrest of Youths Who Protested Uhuru

Eyebrows are being raised following the arrest and detention of some youths who took part in a demonstration in Keroka town in Nyamira county on Thursday last week.

The protesters from Kisii and Nyamira counties were expressing their displeasure at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attack on Chief Justice David Maraga and the independence of the Judiciary. Dozens of demonstrators, including bodaboda operators and street families, were arrested and locked up in Keroka police station.

They have allegedly been transferred to police stations in Kericho, Kilgoris and Bomet. He said the demonstrators carried a coffin “intended to taint the President’s name”.


chinkororo hapa zimekasirika sana

Maraga akawatoe ndani sasa.

This story was confirmed to be false, where have you been

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Reminds me of the time NASA tallying station was raided…POLICE!!! How dare they…or did they?

Maraga atawatoa

30% of our constitution was said to be questionable. It’s high time Kenyans revisited this .one area which should be chaked is weak presidential powers
Note. NOT uhuru’s power !