wakenya shida iko wapi?

During census, we insist we are tribeless, we are kenyans.
When there are jobs being dished out, we insist there must be ethnic balance.
How different are we from kalonzo?

hatujui kenye tunataka. but tunaitaka all the same.

Ukiwa gachie Kama gashui haulizwi iyo swali wanajua tu wewe Ni shiny eye wanakujazia Hapo

Tribes will always be part of us. Just like races or nationalities. The problem arises when we abuse them to sideline others(if they don’t belong to my tribe) or to give undue favours to some (if they belong to my tribe).

Can you imagine Kenya ingekuwa Kamba pekee!?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii priss! this country would be very noisy and disorganised.