Wakenya Na Crab in a Bucket Mentality

After sofia hit internationally, the losers in kenyan githeri media were going up and down tirelessly trying to bring her down. They made silly comments about her dress, her style, her name, and everything in between. They tried to dig up dirt and came up empty. They re bitter because it exposes their unwavering commitment to garbage. This idiots missed out on talent like this because they were busy telling us about the talentless village idiot embraambamba and other idiots including omondi’s latest skirt wearing antics nad his beef with another idiot that looks like an emoji

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Who is this beautiful woman

The girl behind the biggest hit of 2024

Not everyone likes mungich misic

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bich ass hater

We Need Help as a Society…

This mungich music gives me blisters in my ears whenever i hear it play.

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the biggest youtube channel in africa is by a kenyan animator , kenyans are haters.