Wake up call

If tribalism was our real problem, we would have put everything on hold long ago and fixed it because it risks tearing Kenya apart. Insted, we continue with things as normal & entertain free loaders who cry that 600k p.m. turns them into “beggars”. Political rivals play a good-cop/ bad-cop routine to keep the people guessing. All they do is provide half-baked solutions and continue earning a fortune. We must stop putting politicians on a pedestal and make the earn their keep. Kenya’s plight has never been tribal. Tribalism is just a convenient cover to mask the eal thing.

The real thing we’re masking, is greed. And selfishness.

Everything starts with you, me and any other responsible person. If you take matters into your hands and decide to do good, it won’t change many lives but it will change lives.
Now imagine many such isolated cases, when they total up it will be a huge unstoppable wave.
Start small, start where you are. Lastly, wait for no one.

There is nothing too small as long as it faces the right direction. The unnecessary hostility and poorly thought sentiments eg the UOTP & RWNBP stuff does more harm than good.Tunagonganishwa vichwa kama makondoo [ATTACH=full]135328[/ATTACH]