wake me up before you go

IEBC shows that Uhuru has 4.1m votes from 118/291 constituencies

Take 4.1/118=34,000 being the average per constituncy… Mutiply by 291…Uhuru might get 10m by the end of the game… Ni kubaya

can you relax wonder?

Fombe manenos

It would be wonderful, if only you could stop wondering, oooh @wonderful wonder!

Hata akipata 1M bora he has over 25% in at least 24 constituencies then he becomes the winner…don’t focus too much on NRM propaganda, there’s no magic

Uhuru has got a lot to do in terms of healing the divide, I believe he can do that by choosing the right people to engage with and the right strategy…otherwise if you are to follow NRM propaganda Uhuru’s vote will always be at fault in NRM’s eyes (kama sio low voter turnout itakuwa cooking figures)

people tend to overthink. @MuBig was here too…

Who takes this fool seriously? Employees under him?

No, they dont, i fired one and she asked… " are you serious "

Sinanga stress, sikufi na magonjwa ya General Makende

What healing??? So people want to be soothed every time Jakuon throws a tantrum?? If you are ready to continue with nation building you will join hands with other Kenyans, kama hamtaki endeleeni kuchoma your regions.

Guys have seriously been brainwashed, na sio kupenda kwao…UK will need to make everyone feel part of the country and his gava, that’s the healing am referring to

Hiyo hesabu doesn’t even make sense…constituencies do not have similar population.

Ni kupenda Kwa nani? Boss an adult of above 18 years and above is personally responsible for their thoughts and actions.

…and when you give some a bowl of githeri they say they wanted maize and beans separate…hawajui kuna wengine wanakula white…

Uhuru has very little to do. Whatever he does Raila destroys! Every development project in the country Raila allocates the accolades to himself, even before Kibaki! It’s upon Raila to restore Kenyanism into his dejected people!

How? Incase you haven’t noticed, any say luo engaged by jubilee is termed a mole. So are uhuruto supposed to approach rat’s inner circle who are savage and whose only interest is subortage?

Mambo ya healing ni shida yao, hakuna kupempereza watu wazima nkt :D:D

Agreed to some extent, we can’t have doctors, engineers, panel beaters, welders, tailors with a grudge in their hearts. But hatuwezi wabembeleza pia, they will heal at their own terms and time.

Yes. They should stop the violence and behave like civilised people. Respecting the law like everyone else. The only choice here accept or accept and the nation moves forward.

:D:D:D…by healing I didn’t mean the hooligans but rather those people in those communities who are genuinely concerned