I never allow anyone to bully me offline and I’ll not allow anyone to bully me online. I can’t make a comment without you trying to drag me in the mud just because I admitted I’m a single mum. This is why most females prefer to watch on the sidelines because they’re afraid of being bullied. Don’t nobody tell me “it’s not that serious” or “if I can’t handle the heat I should get out of the kitchen” coz hell NO! Imma turn on the aircon. You wanted my attention? You’ve got it fully now. Stick to your gay conversations and leave me alone. You don’t wanna see the other side of me. Achana na mimi na sio tafadhali. #iwillnotbecowed


Live life to the fullest,
and focus on the
positive… And most of all - always keep your head high.

Tell em sister…ojinga aeke mkunduni!

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[ATTACH=full]10673[/ATTACH]@Ice_Cube hebu nisongee hapo front row back bench kumejaa. Weka panga karibu bibi ametukanwa


Is this still about the dildo comment??

@Unicorn the dawa for this guy is to just ignore him. Dont engage at all. trolls only exist if you acknowledge them.


Not just that. Some other comments have been deleted.

Sometimes ignoring a bully is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes you gotta face them straight up.


This guy is a weakling. He can not handle strong women n the only way he can react to them is trying to bully them.
Lakini inakaa kwa @Unicorn amefika ukingoni.

#someonetellwakanyama atapeana trajiformer hapa


Just ignore that guy, that is an online persona he adopts for K-Talk.

That works well in real life but here where he can just toe the line with the mods, he can keep it up forever. Especially since he can just create another handle even if he gets ejected. So gloss over his bullshit. In the end the only person he will be talking shit to is some other idiot with nothing to contribute.

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swits…this is what he wanted…starve him of that…

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We will not be cowed!!!

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What happened @Unicorn? I am partially blind to such guys so my brain automatically jumps over such comments, so sikuona.

HEHEHE Am loving this…I saw that comment, twas in the passport Thread… i knew that comment would bring mayhem

Kick him in the balls

@Wakanyama no need to be extra vile and personal online unless you are compensating for something miserable in real life


Ngoja amalize kuwatch gay porn



He he, where are the Wakanyama defence forces? Ama visu huwa mnanoa za nini?


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