Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir (born December 8, 1972) is a Kenyan man accused of the murders of at least 18 elderly women in Dallas, Texas and its surrounding suburbs. In total, Chemirmir has been indicted for 18 murders and more are suspected.[1][2][3][4] Civil suits have also been filed accusing him of a further six similar murders.[4]
Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir

Billy Chemirmir
1972 (age 48–49)
Details Victims 18–24
Span of crimes
2016–2018State(s) Texas


Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir was born in Kabonyony village, a suburb of Eldama Ravine as the son of a long-serving village chief.[5]
Chemirmir has convictions for driving under the influence in Addison and Dallas in 2010 and 2011, receiving fines and short custodial sentences.[2] In July 2012, Chemirmir was arrested for assault on his then-girlfriend and in June 2016 for trespassing at Edgemere Retirement Community. He pleaded no contest to both charges later that year.[2][6]

Accused crimes

Chemirmir is accused of posing as a medical professional or maintenance person and gaining access to the properties of at least eighteen elderly women and smothering them with a pillow.[1][4] Police in several North Texas communities are investigating Chemirmir for additional victims, believing that a number of previously-reported natural deaths may be linked to him.[1][7]


A trial is scheduled to begin on April 5, 2021.[8]

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