wajuaji wa magari

Nimeget offer poa ya Nissan B15 but I know nothing about the car. How is the car in terms of performance and spare parts? Resale value is not an issue for me. Thanks


The car is good, you only need to budget for bushed mostly, cz it goes through them like cheese. Na ukinunua uliza timing belt ilikua changed lini, or just to be safe, change it on purchase to avoid any issues

Thanks a lot Ice. Anything else?

I mean *bushes not bushed, fuel iko poa, A friend goes from Nairobi to Naks and back on 1200 worth of fuel ana manual

Yes, check kama iko na fuel.Kama hakuna, fuel it and drive away.Enjoy your ride.

needs good maintenance… ukianza kuichokoza itakuonyesha garage

and make sure the dipstick is not bent-

alafu ucheki pressure ya tyres

Tafuta mechanic experienced afanye diagnosis

Haina resale price…spareparts are expensive…

And if cant tell if the water pump has ever been changed, please change it asap. And ask the mechanic to check the condition of the Radiator cap.

Avoid engine wash ya hi gari otherwise utalilia kwa choo !!

Reminds me of this:


hata mimi hii story ya resale value hunishangaza sana, You go out there and get a car that you will enjoy every bit of it, gari should not be treated like a government bond or an investment

Back in the days of KList I always used to say: unless you’re a car dealer who buys and sells vehicles for a living, mambo ya resale wachana nayo. Simply go out there and buy the car that (you believe) best meets your needs.


Check kama iko na sidemirror ya ferry

IMO resale value ni exit strategy ya watu wengi. Juu ya mbele haijulikani!

Na ikionyesha ile sign ya ‚Äėcheck engine‚Äô unazima gari chap chap, open the bonnet and check engine kama bado ipo.

[ATTACH=full]3101[/ATTACH] ama uchukuwe hii…shida ni manual window

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Drivable and nice looking car. However, you must not forget that every Nissan is a cheaper Toyota (with the exception of the GTR). The vehicle ages fast, especially when subjected to abuse and bad roads.Treat it like a baby and you will enjoy the car.

Thanks all for the feedback.