Waititu Impeachment proceedings

I can only come with my own conclusions:

  1. The war against corruption is a fight to Ruto and his minions. Shame that DPP can’t win anything in a court of law and so he results to prosecuting in a court of public opinion.
  2. MCAs have single digit IQ
  3. Given a fair hearing, Waititu will be found innocent
  4. The lawyer representing waititu is the ‘sharpest’ I’ve seen.
    The county assemblies are just pure shit, wastage of resources through their big salaries. Wana mutheri

Kenyans have to be the most pessimistic and biggest complainers of the lot. When corruption goes on untouched, we are the biggest complainers. When finally something is happening about such cases useless bonobos like the one above retreat retreat to their tribal/political affilliation card. It doesnt matter what the circumstances are the mere fact that he stole means that he should be prosecuted. And its not a suprise tbemost corrupt of them all align themselves with the grand thief mr ruto therefore expect much more of such cases and qiut with the bloody nonsense complaining brare fakin fool

I agree ruto is a serial thief but we have to prosecute people with evidence not hearsay. That MCA guy who was testifying against just proved there was no slightest iota of evidence against waititu that was taken to senate. Even if you were the judge, you would release waititu by the end of today. Ngoja utaona. Waititu haendi mahali popote.

hikio kimwizi kisirudi ugovernor.

Given a fair hearing,waititu is guilty

Not all allegations about him are true but some appear quite strong that even his lawyer avoided them