Wainaina disowns Supreme Court case

Siku ya nyani…

Prof Michael Wainaina who contested the presidential seat as an independent candidate. He has denied instructing his lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui to filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to overturn its decision over conduct of two of its judges.


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It’s funny I never noticed all this bitterness you harbour for a certain tribe…my friend tulia I know Maraga is a fellow tribesman … U feel a need to defend no matter the cost … But be rational about it jameni… Wait for the next election ,at this rate utajipata mngonjwa when things dnt go your way after 17th

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Case of pot calling kettle black…


Hehehe…you are wrong on so many accounts. I have no bitterness against a certain tribe because I am half that tribe so your assertions don’t hold any water. I am just against entitlement and impunity.

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Granny mimi ndio dawa yako,hapa ni makombora mpaka tuheshimiane.

Sina time ya chokosh kama wewe unfortunately.

chokosh ni wewe ,kumabaggia

Neither do i,ukiniona unakaa mbali,to me you are a skunk,a dead one for that matter.

Hehe … @trix hapa ungejipea tu shugli. Hio sweep imeweza

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