waiguru wants compulsory NYS service for all form four leavers

Devolution secretary Anne Waiguru has opened talks to re-introduce mandatory training of high school leavers by the National Youth Service (NYS) in a return to a practice that ceased two decades ago.
The CS on Wednesday said she and her Education counterpart Jacob Kaimenyi are planning to revive the conscription of youth to NYS before they join college in response to calls from Kenyans following the recent terror attack in which 142 defenceless victims were killed.

The NYS was established in 1964 to impart youth with technical and entrepreneurial skills alongside paramilitary training to respond to disasters such as floods, famine and collapsed buildings.

It was mandatory until late 1980s.

“The possibility of re-introducing mandatory NYS training before university… is a proposal that we have had and we are considering,” Ms Waiguru said during a press briefing in Nairobi on Wednesday.

The CS said that the planned revival was in response to calls from parents’ associations, teachers unions and a section of MPS who feel the training would enable Kenyans to better respond to terror attacks.

This follows the killing of 142 helpless students at the hands of five Al-Shabaab gunmen at the Moi University’s Garissa college on April 2.

The latest push for youth conscription follows another attempt by the Senate in 2013, when they passed a law that provided for compulsory signing up of high school leavers to NYS.

The Ministry of Devolution placed a notice in the dailies Wednesday for fresh recruitment of youth aged between 18 and 22 years to the service beginning April 24 up to 30.

“The recruitment will be done twice a year, with an intake of about 13,000 young men and women each time,” NYS says on its website. “The training will take four months and the recruits who will have successfully finished their training will graduate every six months.”

Last year, Kenya rebranded the youth service programme, whose budget has been increased to Sh11.5 billion in the current financial year.

The State is initiating NYS reforms aimed at creating employment for thousands of young people by deploying them in various sectors of the economy including security, specifically in the Nyumba Kumi initiative.

NYS trainees are also be mandated with dam and road construction, vector control units, taking part in slum civil works, traffic control and agriculture units.

The government in January said that NYS graduates will be given priority in the allocation of the 100,000 jobs Kenya secured in the United Arab Emirates.
at this age sidhani kama making jioning the service compulsory can work. some things could work in 1970 but not 2015. In Nigeria its compulsory yet Boko Haram keeps hitting them

Well played ploy to divert attention from the incompitent security agencies

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Why was it stopped in the late 80s?

There’s a story here:



Didnt expect those members to be funny

There’s humor there, too. Lakini this is not a funny story. Isome hadi mwisho and you’ll be shocked, if not angry.

he he. thanks Doc, you’ve led me to one of the most interesting posts in that garden…and i thought i had seen them all.

You’re most welcome sir.

i missed barca game to read through it all. so saddening for the govt to do that

That’s why I asked: Why was it discontinued at the time when it was?:frowning:

let justice be given to the victims ama iwe voluntary as it is now

gone through the horrific thread! thanks for sharing @[SIZE=4]Luther12 [/SIZE]

Yeah. Waiguru is power hungry. After reading that thread on wazua, I do not support that idea.

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That wazua thread made my morning. I thought wazua is all about serious talk…

If they introduce the training, they would have to do things differently than they did in the 70s and the training would have to be more than the proposed four months.

Did the narrtor ever finish the story? So sad!

We tried to coax him, in other threads, to finish up but he never got round to it. I think he was too traumatized.:frowning:

Hope he is okay. When he does please update us.

enyewe wacha ikae…

Eeeh! Doc the events that transpired in that story were like in a movie.

A grim movie, if I might add.