Waiguru’s 58,000 votes illegally added through KIEMS — Karua

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua has filed a petition at the High Court in Kerugoya, seeking to nullify the election of Anne Waiguru as the Kirinyaga governor.

Waiguru was declared the winner after garnering 159,606 against 120,341 for Karua.

Through lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, Karua, who run for Kirinyaga county boss, says the election was not free and fair.

In the documents filed in court yesterday, Karua says Forms 37A used during the transmission of the results from the polling stations to the county tallying centre were forgeries.

She said unauthorised persons were used to guard polling stations.

The former Cabinet minister says 58,000 votes were illegally entered into the IEBC KIEMs in favour of Waiguru.

She said the Supreme Court ruling nullifying the presidential election set the precedent for petitions for other positions, including governors, senators and MPs.

The court said the election was marred by illegalities and irregularities that undermined the integrity of the outcome.

Imanyara told journalists after they filed the petition, “This election was held on the same day. The IEBC conducted the election as one. It was held simultaneously.”
Karua will move to the High Court on Friday to have the court nullify Waiguru’s victory based on a preliminary point in line with the finding of the apex court.

The former Gichugu legislator said if the court fails to nullify the election on the preliminary basis, then she would be ready for a full hearing.

Karua said she has evidence of massive bribery at polling stations.

Her agents were barred from accessing polling stations on Election Day and she raised the matter with the county returning officer, Samuel Seki, she said.

Karua was accompanied by her running mate Joseph Gitari.

She has listed the IEBC as the first respondent, the county returning officer as the second, Waiguru is the third and Peter Ndambiri, the new deputy governor, is the fourth respondent.

Waiguru ran on the Jubilee Party ticket.

Karua ran on the Narc Kenya ticket, but her running mate, Gitari, is from JP. Gitari lost to Waiguru in the JP nomination.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Embu, former Senator Lenny Kivuti has also moved to court to challenge the win of Martin Wambora as the governor. Kivuti garnered 96,775 votes against 97,760 for Wambora.

The flood gates are wide open, wonder how much money IEBC will part with as legal fee, because in all the cases, IEBC is bound to be the first respondent.
Majority of this cases will be pegged on irregularities and illegalities, does that mean Governor Joho is bound to lose his seat to, as the three illegalities that led to nullification of Presidential election were in his county.
Anania Mwaboza, kazi kwako.


MwaBoza is a spent force

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MwaBoza ni kama @wildfrank . Amevuta bhangi kichwa naharibika


He can still force a Fresh election, kwani iko nini.

Mwaboza is just like Bolo Awiti, confused

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Who do you think is footing the IEBC bills my fren?

Performance ya sarai ilinisurprise below par ma hio kujichocha na kulamba ninio ya jakuon

It’s GoK, lakini kama hawa jamaa wanna play dirty, why not go for it.

Politics is just too dirty. The way I have always respected Karua. I actually decided that should she ran for PORK, I would vote for and campaign for her. Now all I see is an attention seeking power hungry clown. Bure kabisa!

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My fren pesa ya GOK ni pesa yetu sisi tax payers. We are footing the bills.

She surprised me

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Naweza taka kuona sura ya joho if Mombasa gubernatorial election is nullified

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Lower judges and magistrate should depart from that Supreme Court ruling and not use it as a precedent.
It was totally irrational and not considerate to the economy and many other things.
The first order of business for Uhuru once re-re-elected should be to trim the Supreme Court budget and forward it to the IEBC legal department.


:D:D:D:D Juu wanaitwa Boza?

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He’ll still win again

58000 votes is nothing wen you can get away with 700+ m theft. nikaa kustuka juu thegi wa bunde amemanage kupiga mtu nyongolo

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Sarai is the next 001 Gov

I don’t think that will happen and if by the remotest chance it does, still sultan atamtumia kama duster kupanguzia floor

Anyone who runs for office is power hungry. Don’t believe they are doing it for the people crap.

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Mumeamua mboga na unga ya Betty Kyalo imwagike

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