Wahindi- Is this even legal?

There is a joint pale Victoria courts, Westlands top floor. The joint is exclusively for Indians.
[li]For a black Kenyan to be allowed in, you must be accompanied by an Indian. The Indian does not necessarily have to be a Kenyan.[/li][li]You must leave your ID/Passport at the entrance. The Indian does not have to leave anything. Or even be searched.[/li][li]Your Indian “guide” must sign an agreement saying that he takes full responsibility of any (mis)actions you, the black Kenyan, might undertake while within the joint.[/li][li]A beer is 700/=[/li][li]The girls are all Indian. They wont dance with you, the black Kenyan, ata ukilipa pesa ngapi.[/li][li]It opens on Saturday nights only.[/li][li]There is a VIP section where only Indians are allowed. Even CK wont be allowed in there.[/li][/ol]
Kwani how do these people take us?

Watumiwe al shabaab mmoja on a saturday night alipue hio kibanda

…Kama CK hataki kwenda huko seuse wewe peasant.

Gutiri mukoloni na muhindi na mubia

Who wants to hang with boring Indians anyway

Na Mbona utake kwenda such a place anyway?

that is what happens when a group of people are given economic privilege over natives

What’s the problem here? Ni kama uone shule ya girls uanze kusema boy child anamalizwa. There are so many joints you can go to, why would you want to go to a place where you’re not welcomed? Kwanza bia ni 700 ukiingia niko sure utanyonya chupa moja adi ngware

Reeking of curry n s**t

We should start ours as well, members only we call it Kibandasky. Blacks of kenyan nationality only.whether one is shinny eyed,dimm eyed e.t.c Entrance ni free. thumb print scanner lazima kwa entrance ndio mlango ufunguke

Why insist on going to a place that you are clearly unwanted?
Si uende tu pewa street and finger as many pokos as you want for free.

Once again why would I want to patronise a place like that ?

In India, they wouldn’t have lee way to do this. The moral police would have cracked down on them a long time ago. They have a lot to lose if a video of them being in such an establishment shows up on the net. Next time you are there try sneaking in a hidden cam…

What do you mean? In India those curry munchers discriminate against one another based on the caste system, are you saying an African would be treated better there?

Its actually worse in India. Those guys were born to discriminate. Achana na hii yetu after siasa we date, ferk and marry. Some Indian wouldn’t date another Indian of the same skin shade just because one is Brahmin and the other is Kshatriya.

all that ndo niende home smelling like curry farts:confused::confused:naah better ni chome ngata nikienda raundi mwenda

What food do they serve there anyway? What music is played? They can just say it is an Indian Chama meeting point and you are not part of the Chama. They cannot be forced to admit you.

You are all missing the point.
They keep away black kenyans coz they believe we are trouble makers. Thats why your foreign guide must take responsibility of your actions. In Kenya. In 2017.

I mean, there are no strip clubs neither do women interact freely with men. Nothing on the blatant racism.

Inakaa unapenda ‘umuhindi’ sana. Hio place inaitwaje kwanza?