Naskia ni 20k per Kg na shs7800 for 300g.[ATTACH=full]351270[/ATTACH]

Upusi…wamejaribu kichwa boilo ya mbuzi?!

The taste is well worth it. But you better know how to prepare it. Not something you can afford daily but a v good treat regardless. 4 kgs of good wagyu beef is £975 jameni.

Na hio ni grade 1 quality3-4. For 165000 you get a 10kg grade A5 .hapo sasa ndo unajua quality 12 ya hii mnofu. It literally melts on you tongue at 25°C. :D:D,i find them overrated ka bibiyai

Tom bayeye hii flossing yako ndio utawacha. Mzae you have some serious personality and self esteem issues.

Nimetoka kenya nikazurura,i still do with pics to boot.Does it bother you.Worse part ni hatujuani. Ask around kwa kijiji wale tumepatana.Pole kama nimetumia pesa yako ama nakukosesha usingizi. I like finer things in life why shouldnt i talk candidly about them? Problem na hii kijiji ni unafik na umbea one can’t say anything without being called a flosser. Boss ,tembea kiasi inje atleast ata kwa border.[SIZE=1]self esteem?really kneegrow? Hama kwenu kwanza:D:D[/SIZE]

Si hii nikama tu nundu ,cant see any difference

Hii kitu haishindi mbuzi ya ukambani

Hii nyama iko kwa bucket list yangu

Haiwezi shinda stake ya senge yummy

What the hell is this roofs @pipinono?


Huwezi compare hii na zile zebra, hippos and zonkies served by your friendly local butcher.

The cows are fattened by being massaged with sake and their daily diet includes large amounts of beer

Sisi tumezoea grass fed Angus beef

Once in a lifetime treat.

There’s a YouTuber who hypes this type of beef cuts… Guga Foods, yes. I’d really like to try it, especially Wagyu A5.
Once the new digs is complete nyama tutachoma, not this though! :smiley:

Ati atia mutongoria?:D:D:D[SIZE=1]iza jo,couldnt let that one pass[/SIZE]

I’d never pay 20k for a piece of beef. Hawa Japanese hutubeba wana.
Can someone smuggle 5 Wagyu cattle to Kenya and breed them for export?

Problem with most Africans ni kwamba they dont appreciate culinary art. Jaribu kuuzia mtu nyama ya freezer ujipate unajiongelesha pekee yako. unknown to many, it is the best since imetoa maji karibu yote.


Yeah Guga’s channell is lit ! Man’s eating top dollar steak on the daily