Asking for myself. What would you rather buy, a brand new premio, or a second hand harrier? Assuming that you have just enough cash to buy an ex-japan premio, and the sam e cash can purchase a locally used Toyota harrier. My big head says that the premio is the better buy because it will give me excellent service for three or four years before becoming the mechanic’s best friend. My small head tells me that the harrier is a perfect tool for milking slay queens and scaring villagers back home, don’t judge, I am as shallow as the next guy but at least I am honest.

Hii ni gani sijawai skia?

Hata mimi sijawahi

Did you want to say ‘wadau’ by any chance? Ama you are dyslexic:D:D

Mcoondu, unatusumbua

Get a 4wd.if the harrier is 4wd,chukua hiyo. If iss not, washiananae!

Hehe, umenikumbusha mzee fulani huko ocha huitwa ‘Ithe wa Kamau wadua’ hukula shumpeng sana.

I dont need a 4WD because I have very little offroad need for a car. The last governor of my home county tarmacked almost all roads in my hometown to my village. Shagz is just 30 meters from the tarmac road.

Nobody gives a ferk

premio hufeel ka karatasi when u drive one

Vitu kama hizi. As you can see, both are 1.3 mil roughly

@Deorro :meffi: asante

:D:D:D:D:D:D:meffi: wewe

Two of the most stupid reasons ever for buying a car.

A car is a luxury unless it directly puts money in your pocket. No need to sugarcoat it by citing “convenience” and other BS

I bought a 2nd hand local premio 5yrs ago and its the best choice I.made.Gari hajawai.disappoint.So 2nd hand can always be a choice

Nunua Crown Athlete ya black

Why would you want to scare villagers? Are they a threat to your existence? Doesn’t your scare targets tells us all we need to know about you?

ulitengeneza slow puncture?

…what can make a car a mechanics best friend if its properly serviced on the right intervals and general maintainance is done…i find it as shallow thinking, the way people especially nairobians, sell vehicles (relatively new vehicles ati kabla ianze kuitisha parts)…furthermore a premio assuming iko na 1nz-fe engine, hata ikaharibu the engine itself ni around 30k to buy a slim and replacing…zile parts huisha kwa gari ni hapa mbele akina bush, tie rods, ball joints, cv joint, mounting za engine…stabilizer links, brake pads, brake linings za nyuma, kuchange boots na greasing, spark plugs n kuchange ATF. i change mine after 50k km na ku grease hizi vitu in a toyota you can replace them with le.ss than 15k-20k…does that warrant selling a car at a depreciated amount of over ama 200k , juu ya kushindwa kuchange parts za 15k, ikuserve 2 more years? i have stayed with one car now headed to 6 years…its a 2003 corolla, and its a work horse nabeba nayo simiti wakati niko na mjengo, nalalisha tu viti za nyuma na inakuwa pick up, naenda car wash inangara, narauka works kama niko official…All i can say, kenyans kuna watu wana pesa na wana brain wash hata struggling peasants (read middle class) to think like them yet hawako level moja…i think just identify your lane and stick to it