I had to create a different handle to seek wisdom from elders in these streets. Long read…

I met her (pumpkin) at a pub I used to frequent out of town. Often she sat alone, taking her drink and nodding to music, never seen her dance or drunk. Every now and then she would be in the company of another lady whom I later learnt was her colleague. She rarely engaged in small talk with other patrons, she would just have a drink, pay her bill and leave. She roused my interest. She was young, beautiful, curvy in all the right places, well mannered. I swore to myself hii lazima niingize box.

I had just taken up my new posting five months earlier and had suffered a bitter separation after my wife had decided I was not good enough for her seven months earlier. I was frustrated, lonely (doesn’t help that I am introverted) and suffering a dry spell. FFW : Gathered myself and talked to her, set a date at a different location. We had a good time and she even danced!! Was kinda offended when she suggested that we go dutch though… Kupinda kupinduka baada ya several dates, I invited her to my place for dinner. Well, what transpired after was total bliss. I was hooked not just by her sexuality but by her demeanour, her shamelessness indoors, her sense of humour. When I dropped her home the following day I in the afternoon, (after cleaning my place like she was being paid to do so), I missed her before I turned the corner.

In a short period of time we became an item, inseparable. She broke me out of my shell, taught me how to live a little, enjoy life, to give without expectations, pushed me to finish my second degree which lead me to getting a promotion and unlocked my entrepreneurial side. She’s my inspiration. When Mrs. started saying that she wanted to come back to her matrimonial home, bahati yake ilikua haka kasichana, pumpkin juu I had lost all emotion for her. Haka ndio kalimtetea kakisema ati ooh coz of the kids let her come back. I told Mrs that she could settle back in the house with the kids. However, our relationship was strained and even when I’d come to Nai to see the kids we barely spoke.

The year 2016 I was transferred back to Nairobi and could not handle leaving my mwoman in another town. So I asked pumpkin to trust me and resign from her job and follow me to Nairobi, would get her a place and take care of her upkeep until she got on her feet, which she did. Since I didn’t want “family interventions” and unnecessary meetings, I moved into my old home with Mrs and the kids. Relations with Mrs still strained. It’s not easy living in the same house with a woman that had once upon a time left you because you didn’t have much. But for the sake of the kids…

A lot has happened, like trusting pumpkin with my finances to invest here and there, and her doing so well. Had to travel sometimes in 2017 for six months na agent tulikua tumevurugana, she handled the rent collections and I found all the utilities paid and cash well deposited in my account. Set up a biz for her and she is doing extremely well. Nikikumbuka Mrs nimemwekea biz mara tatu zikikunywa maji… Afadhali hiio pesa ningekua nimeongezea pumpkin aongezee stock.

Pumpkin keeps me on my toes, calls me names when I am being an ass, compliments and criticises in same measure. When I met her I didn’t have much yet she accepted me for who I was and what I was. Na ninapenda venye pumpkin ni cocktail ya kila kitu, she can be ghetto, sophisticated, traditional, kichwa ngumu, submissive, unpredictable, hard working, lazy, akisema hafungui job atashinda kwa nyumba, that’s exactly what she will do.

Though Mrs tuko na mkataba, and kinda relate better these days, I don’t share much with her. My fears, frustrations, expectations, achievements and so forth, I only share with pumpkin. Mrs I guess is just comfortable with the comforts that I can provide her with juu hua sioni kama ako na interest yeyote ya kujua what it is I am doing. So I don’t bother with telling her nothing.

Swali ni hii, I’ve been thinking, would it be wrong if I put a baby in her? She is not exactly maternal, but she can handle one or two… I am also considering paying her dowry. It’s been slightly over ten years now and I still feel the same way I did about her the first time she slept on my chest and drooled all over it.

Leo Kuna game gani…


Your Pumpkin has read this book… But she has fine tuned it to fit your circumstances. [ATTACH=full]224150[/ATTACH]

early man u kickoff v fulham

That’s why Islam is the solution for humanity

10 years, that’s such a long time. Plan for a wedding with pumpkin. She’s your wife.

Now that is your soul mate…i have faced such frustrations in my life only that i have never found my pumpkin but am sure am gonna find her soon.

Ten years is a long time to run a con

See, I’m not going to sit here and encourage adultery. Sorry for sounding harsh but you broke sacred marriage vows.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It looks sweet and rosy, doesn’t it? My advice to you is you leave pumpkin and reconcile with your first wife.

Pumpkin is the reason why the wife even came back that the matrimonial home coz she (pumpkin) vouched for her.

Even more reason to let go. No one can escape karma, okay?

Malipo ni hapa hapa.

Karma will thank pumpkin?

Shikilia yeye she’s the good luck in ur life.Is she ready to start a family with you? If so pea yeye triplets.From a point of a fisi,angekua na watoto kama sita hivi wangu.A woman able to run business and mind ur family and not a drama queen is God sent.Man ur one lucky bastard…

Habari ya Wangige Gikonyo?

Why would another woman vouch for another woman ati murudiane nayeye ,mhhh if things don’t add up ,you start subtracting

OP asidunge huyo ‘pumpkin’ ball. It’s bad enough that he’s cheating on the wife. There’s no moral equivalency; adultery is a SIN.

@OP…can you please RUN away from pumpkin and reconcile with your first wife, the mother of your kids? First of all why did you come here for advice. Is your conscience pricking you? Good! Because deep down you know what you’re doing is wrong.

See, people must learn to respect their marriage vows. That wife whom you can’t stand anymore was the one you pledged lifetime loyalty. It is up to you as the man to mould her into the image of the wife you have in mind.

Whatever you choose, always remember that you cannot break a covenant and think life will go on smoothly. Yes, for now life seems great but God forbid, itafika pahali ushindwe when did the rain start beating you.

Na ti kirumi (it’s not a curse); just remember no one can escape karma.

poa sana

Hii inakaa story of giants. Huyo mwanamke hana mimba tayari? Anahandoro mpaka rentals na unakuta mali yako iko safi mpaka anakurudishia mkeo nyumbani? Huyo mwanamke ni tasa. Iko kitu.

She is a good woman. 10 goo years she has proved her worth. She makes you happy and she put your kids, wife and you together. Pay her dowry and put two babies in her. You also need to let her know of your intentions and how you feel about her. Let no moral police tell you about adultery. @Purple while you stand here and not condone adultery, kindly also stand and do not condone a wife who neglected her marital home simply because the man went broke. It is very easy to stand on high ground and call out adultery, as if there are bigger and lesser sins. Go tell God how wrong he was in letting Jacob commit adultery by marrying Rachel after Leah.