Wadau saidieni hapa

I like the Honda Civic 8th gen very much. Its my dream car . Nimepata mwenye anauza the specific trim nataka at a reasonable price This is someone I know personaly . I have seen him drive the car for three years . No major issues .Nimeiendesha mwenyewe a few times and ikanipendeza. Will need a mechanic for further mechanical analysis .Below is a similar vehicle

Here is the current vehicle registration

Mambo ikienda vizuri i will be the third kenyan owner. The car is still registered to the first owner. It seems as if he had bought it with a loan from family bank . Sijui kama alimaliza kulipa . How hard will it be to transfer ownership if all payments have been done .

Halafu pia I am worried about insurance. Never owned a car before. Nimesikia ati insurers hucover vehicles <15 years old comprehensively . Does this mean that generally I am screwed . Pesa yote nmemwagilia kwa gari ipotee tu hivo kitu ikiweza fanyika?

Kitu ya kwanza u shouldn’t be posting someone’s I’d and kra pin kwa mtado
Ok kama alimaliza loan he should ask the bank to release the car logbook under his name ndio aendee logbook Ntsa with his name. Then mkimalizana na payments na yeye pia ndio ataweza kufanya transfer under your name. I understand Ntsa wako na delays kibao pande ya logbook skuizi so this whole process might take more than 3months.
Pande ya insurance isikujalishe there vehicles older than your dad and are still covered

A car first registered in Kenya almost 8 years ago is still on loan? Very funny. It must be very cheap now, below 500k.

Ndio maana nlifutafuta details za the human nkawacha ya family bank

Let him sort the log book issue first with the first owner. This is biz do not entertain kujuana, buy a car with a ready logbook.

you have to inform the other owner, family bank branch, that you intend to buy the vehicle.

you’re starting to get in a transaction you were not involved in kama haezi produce logbook acha ikae. the same case kama unauza kitu na customer hana the full amount don’t assist him to get funding atafte pesa alafu arudi.kwa biashara usijifanye yesu.

Kama logbook haiko readily available, hold on your horses. Buying a car is not just a financial transaction, but also major decision making with implications involved

You can only buy a car from the person whose name appears on the log book! Tell the guy to have the log book discharged from the bank then and only then can you engage him. Remember if the bank can’t discharge, you will be buying distress property and thus the price goes down by a few thousands.