Wadau Saidia ..... Need a Laptop. Budget $200 - $300

Is this budget realistic? Can it deliver a useful machine??

Depends on what you want it for

You budget is quite low but you can get a good quality hp folio 9470m i5 4gb ram 500gb hdd exuk variant for 32 k. Laptop prices have skyrocketed…

A present for a Humanities student.

By ex-UK, do you mean used?

You can find in town a place near Khoja roundbout

budget iko sawa for a refurbished one ,ingia jiji tafuta laptop

Turdmean kunukisha kitunguu

Make sure ni 8gb+ ram otherwise you’ll regret it

Aongeze ifike 16gb

Ziko. Unadai ya ram ya ngapi??

Yeah yangu ilikua ya 4gb ilikua ina hang kiufala sana.Had to sell it an buy a new one.

form sikuizi ni ssd , mambo ya ram ni pre 2015

I import very nice second hand laptops from Dubai. Laptops, Macbooks, Chromebooks and tabs. DM if you need it.

Na si uwekelee hapa mara moja. In fact ungefungua with your second handle if that is the issue na customer waone. Na uweke na prices.

Sina handle ingine. I’ve just said it to the OP who was looking for one.

Uko na online catalogue nione kama tutafanya biz?

Weka samples hapa tukupromote ghasia


On the same budget?