Wadau, saidia mimi kidogo

I want to bet on my team arsenal today but mimi sijui how sportpesa works. Website yao sioni log in.
Nipatieni the basics tu haraka haraka

VE unasumbua

Download their app

Do this


Hata SV wanakupiga masweep… For the title of elder you should be seen to know everything even if you don’t know squat.

Sikunotice the comment. Si lazima ujue kila kitu especially kama its not relevant.

I cannot since im in a different country. I guess thats why its not working

Free advice, don’t bet on Arsenal today…

mistake number 1 you want to commit is betting using your heart & not your head. What i mean is never bet on a team juu unaipenda

@dude If you followed my advice, your money is intact. # wengerout

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Enough said. Hoping your team won.

I didn’t bet thankfully
Let me stick to my lane. Betting ntaionea hukoooo… >

Yesterday I messed my ktalk prediction for the Liverpool Man U game…initially I had bet 1-1 as advised by the bookies,but my heart told me tutashinda 2-3…Never bet on your team…