Wadau, Huyu Birrionaire Alipiga 99.999% Of Kenyans Sweep Mwoto

“If this can happen to some of us…SOME OF US!!, who live in these suburbs…it is frightening what must be happening to the small mwananchi.” 2:34 min mark.


Small wananchi, mna yapi ya kusema?
With those few words Wanjigi has reset the standards for birrionaire…hood…ness…ship. For you to be taken seriously as one, you must:
-Live next to a high ranking diplomat, preferably of a North American country.
-Have a bunker that can withstand a nuclear strike installed in your “humble abode”.
-Have some few military grade weapons just lying around. All licensed of course.
-Have the leader of opposition spend the night in your house, on the couch, without a change of clothes.
Also, if you’re holding a press conference and your bae is not holding on to you for dear life, then my brother you need to re-evaluate your financial status.
Otherwise, mimi naweza advise small wananchi wenzangu tuendelee kung’ang’ana…sasa ni nini ingine naweza waambia? Sisi pia tutaonekaniwa siku moja, maybe 500 years from now, ama namna gani my frens?
In summary, as a contemporary philosopher once opined,
“See it’s brackets nigga
Them hoes ain’t fucking you cause you ain’t in that bracket nigga
Learn life, it’s levels to this shit young boy”


Thou shalt know your lane and stick to it

Mungu anamuona tu. Ati small mwananchi kwani yeye ni big kiasi gani? Death will make us very equal someday

He is a Mbirrionaire

Can’t help to contrast dental formula yake na Murkomen, pesa mingi saaaaaaaaaana ni mzuri

Peasant consoling himself for his miserable life. You are a wanker. Go back to the hole you came from and continue wanking. Death will equalise, no two questions about that, but after you have suffered enough. Ingekuwa ni wewe Reece squad ilikujia ungekuwa wapi sasa? If you can honestly answer this question, no way will you ever remark so stupidly again.

I am sorry I never intended to make you loose your erection. I intended to say dont call someone small in this world. How small is this man? Again usioneshe mungu tumbo tafadhali

Being politically correct? I actually took Wanjigi’s comment as a challenge to strive to be a big man too seeing how mediocre my life is. It was too honest of the state of affairs in vumbistan. I recommend you take it as a challenge to improve yourself.
People have been arrested on far much flimsier grounds in slums so seeing that he couldn’t be arrested for such serious allegations, I have made it my life goal to achieve power and wealth. At least as long as I still live in this shit hole we call Kenya.

Let not ill gotten wealth challenge you; That is how corruption motivates us and wish we were Wanjigis of this Kenya. I dont wish to be like that man never ever. Be challenged by those dirty hands you see sweating and making it.

Dirty hands, clean money. ~Mhenga @introvert

Dirty saidi… Isorait.

Kabisa, btw uko na wedding band poa sana. Is that platinum or titanium?

Proverbs 13:8 A person’s riches may ransom their life, but the poor cannot respond to threatening rebukes.

btw mbona onejiggy wanafwanana na huyo bae wake, naona kaa kulikua na inbreeding mahali

Bae wake anaitwa Irene Nzisa, a mkamba. No?

Hapo kwa kushikwa na bae in public kulistua mpaka babake akachallenge vijana waoe. Hehehe

Stainless Steel, food grade.
Otherwise atamesa oilo mingi sana akikula sembe juu kawaida metals haziwezi ng’ara :smiley:

Stainless steel.
Precious metals ni za wamama.

you mention that and I remembered steve jobs stanford speech which touched a good deal on death, one could tell the prospect of the same really humbled him.

Me hushangaa how do u expect police to handle u akijua uko na gun…he knows that thing is lethal and u can take his life…