Wadau hii inaeza kuwa corona

on monday i woke up with extreme migrane ,fever and fatigue out of the blues…i got some malaria meds on the recommendation ya my kunguru who is a practicing nurse…i finished my dose bt nothing has changed,.sina dry cough,loss of smell or taste .Just extreme fatigue and headache nikiamka asubuhi which drags along for the better part of the morning.Kuna msee aliexperience symptoms kama zangu and eventually turned to be covid positive

extreme fatigue and headache nikiamka

izo huwa symptoms za ukimwi, gugu for yourselfu… ukikula malaya sikuwa

Ni Covid.
The positive thing is that you could on the final phase of infection.
Day 10-14

Be kind !

Enda ukapimwe. And quick recovery.

Kind ya nini… This is hiv infected person

Go get measured

i dont engage in g.ay activities like you

Al shabaab sympatizer when are you bombing nairobi ama corona has disrupted your operations too?

Bombs no longer needed… HIV works just fine

And you are HIV positive


Get well soon

:smiley: ua io mende ya choo…

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