wacha kiherehere! You are soo insignificant

9.5 × 10^12 (Km)
=1 light year

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We are significant, Brathee!
Dad and son live light-years out there somewhere, they made the universe and everything in the universe for us and with us in their collective mind and when time will finally be up for us to go home, we will travel those lightyear distances at the twinkling-of-an-eye speed!

Faith makes us ignorant, ignorance is bliss!

There must be a way of shortening these distances. For instance, the Dogon tribe claimed to have interacted with beings from the Sirius star system, which is 8.111 light years.

Still, the speed of light is but a very modest metric of transfer from A->B, A->AB, AA->A, B->AA (etc) and propagate through a potential barrier.

Only a mad person would countinue to insist that all that creation happened by a mere happy accident and that it serves no purpose at all but just mere existence.

Also it is surprising that the first thought that came to your mind after watching that video was God. :smiley:

And even in your sarcasm you have complemented Him. Just like that Roman who placed the robe on Jesus and declared Him King.

Mimi ile imenishangaza of late is the world of microorganisms, micro biology. The puny creatures we don’t see and that outnumber us by the trillion trillions.

There could be creatures smaller than atoms. Who created them? How and why do they exist?

Stop thinking about the big stuff hebu shrink for a minute and see creatures smaller than a cell, some even smaller than the Covid virus and havent been seen yet.

This below is a tardigrade. It is quite large, about half a millimetre in length as compared to much smaller microorganisms. It’s eye is just a single cell… that doesn’t even make any sense. How can a creature have an eye the size of a cell? How is that possible?

This creature can survive in space, in volcanoes or even in ice…

It feeds on single cells…

It is not a bacteria but an actual [SIZE=5]animal[/SIZE].

And this is just one creature.

oh yeah…Mûthûngû alisema:rolleyes::meffi:
Tafadhali songa ama uende kusimama hapo pembeni.:stuck_out_tongue:

For once you have posted something interesting and then you want to shit on it yourself?

Today I have learnt what they mean when they talk if dwarf stars.

Humans are not insignificant because even in your nose and lungs there is a bacteria helping you breathe effortlessly. To that bacteria you are larger than planet earth.

it is trully satisfying to note that you are mutating and you are now acknowledging that Mûthûngû tî Mûkûuri.
Yes, you were never in control, and not limited to all your desires and needs including the need to feed your tummy. A human body is a composition of bacteria, worms and viruses…they are in control, and you just a slave.

Yaani @patco ilihepa?:smiley:

Unataka twende wapi?

  1. hii mambo ya micro minyoo
    ama as @Soprano introduced the term “travel”, si ni heri tuendelee hapa
  2. Multi dimensions, warps, Gravity (quantum, super, gravitational singularity gravity), Primeval state, e.g false vacuum, quantum vacuum or virtual particle leading to time and space?

All is relevant[ATTACH=full]369724[/ATTACH]

All theories not FACTS.

Yaani hizo zinaeza itwa educated GUESSES.

Little knowledge is truly dangerous!

A theory is a well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can incorporate laws, hypotheses and facts. … A theory not only explains known facts; it also allows scientists to make predictions of what they should observe if a theory is true. Scientific theories are testable.

www.amnh.org › evolution-today
What Is a Theory? A Scientific Definition | AMNH

pride and shame?
Since when did time, space and gravity became a theory?
Ndio bado umechelewa na huoni haya yakumwabudu odiero (mûthûngû) anno 2021.
Shyt is real…we can start mos mos.
I will guide you.
We can start from partial derivatives kisha tuendelee

lovely mindset shows us that we are less than nothing in the grand scheme of it all