Wabongo washenzi duh!

So this lady is the CEO of a solar lamp company. A noble cause in a shithole country if you ask me. The rest, a Kenyan will relate, especially if you’ve done business in TZ.


Eti anashtakiwa kw kuhujumu uchumi??? LMAO…

So if I sell kitchen knives and someone buys it from me to kill somebody , am I also an accomplice to a crime? Watanzania ni wajinga saidi saidi

Wabongo have no ubongo, we should build a wall to prevent their foolishness from spilling over



These people…:D:D:D

Tanzanians are as stupid as fuck…starting from their president to their police…ubaradhuli wa pesa nane.

Na ndio hao kutuita wakenya ni wakatili… huyu mzungu aje kenya asaidie wavuvi wakenya pale lake victoria…

Tanzanians ar still living in medieval age…They think wealth is protectionism.


Mr ED, I gather that you have lived in Tanzania for an extended period of time. What was your experience?

Funny how uyo jamaa was fishery department anapambana na ngoso then ripota ana peana report in swa


That is the charge that gets most successful Kenyan entrepreneurs out of that godforsaken shithole. You are not allowed to prosper from your hard work or to help fishermen do better than Ujamaa has determined is good for them!! :smiley:

The problem of selling solar lights which the fishermen are using to fish at night is contrary to the law…in Tanzania…

wtf is this ? but a fish rots from the head, Megafool.
while Kenya suffers from corruption, Tz suffers from shallow-mindedness.

How do you know who you are selling to? or how he is going to use them? why not arrest the fishermen

ati sasa! upuzi…

I also beg the question, is it so hard for the officer to show the lady the law in writing…:confused::confused:

none better