Waaahh … !! :smiley: :smiley:





Hii nikikutana nayo naita KWS.

This is real adventure now.

But BABA …
You have to admit that this kind of Natural Ass-ets are only found around our beloved Lake … :smiley:

Such a goddess. I bet her sh!t don’t stink

Real adventure is spreading those Thighs Wide Open … :D:p

Goodness in every Drop … :smiley:

Ananikumbusha ile song ya Diamond, African Beauty

Wakuje na tranquilizer. Hippo on the loose

And so are hippos :smiley:


Anakaa kunuka matako

Beautiful shoes.

Your Life Skill appears to be “Kunusa Matako” …
You need Urgent Intervention … :smiley:

Personally , I prefer this one … :smiley:


@rexxsimba one you will kill us…:D:D:D

Wapi Bibi ya MTU.