Waaaa Mzee Ojwang ako vibaya Jo!!


Whaat!! Sii amedhohofika kweli kweli. Wishing him a quick recovery.

i hope a pone haraka

sonko rescure tuam ndio kusema… wako juu

kenya’s comedy unsung heroes…ungua pole mzee


Ulitoka mayolo chunku?

haha me hucheka sana nikawashow story mtasema ni vako acha tu

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Oh my. So Kenya has lost a legendary comedian. Very sad. May he rest in peace.

so sad.:frowning:

JUST IN: Naskia hizo ni rumours… He is not Dead…i repeat he is not DEAD

Glad. I hope he’ll be okay.

Benson Wanjau. He used to live in Mbotela Estates along Jogoo Rd when I was growing up and not too far from Peter Lukoye aka Tamaa bin Tamaa who lived in neighbouring Jericho Estate. I’ll say a prayer

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Lemme guess, kama ni ya SJ nimesikia

Si kwa ubaya, Lakini celeb kama huyo should be very rich. Acting, mc-ing, dvds, etc. Why is he a pauper (for lack of better word)? Too much alcohol? women? Lack of direction?

Lets agree he also failed himself.

How can you say that? Just spit! tema hiyo mate!
Have you heard that KBC dismissed the entire Vitimbi Crew and have not paid them a single penny even after the group kept kenyans glued to their tvs for over 40 years? During the MOI error, vitimbi and vioja mahakamani were the only programs that made kenyan laugh(albeit for about 20 mins per week).
Mzee Ojwang should have been paid millions by KBC as his retirement/retrenchment package. Millions!!!
Thats is why I hate KBC with my whole heart…I have even lost respect for the current MD.

Well, I dont mean to sound insensitive, but you cant tell me he hadn’t been paid anything sensible in his 40-year career. If that was the case, then angehama kitambo to citizen/NTV. You cant keep earning peanuts in the hope that you will receive millions as your dismissal/retirement package.

Listen to yourself. There is something we call ‘PENSION’. If KBC was not deducting and remitting pension money for the old timer, which is mandatory, then they are legally bound to pay him what is called SERVICE Money.
Assuming they were saving 1,000 per month for him on average, that’s 120,000 pa. Multiply that by 40 years, that about 4.8m, add interest of about 5% p.a, that’s a total of approx. 5m.
He should sue KBC for 10m worth of service money. Period

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Well, I haven’t really followed the story, but if deduction was done and not remitted, that’s a crime, and he should sue. Service isn’t mandatory if you are on NSSF, unless the appointment letter says so. And your maths make the figure 500k, not 5m.

All in all, was he living hand to mouth? No investment, no savings?