Waaa huyu boyz alikuwa horror..& wots with da flag?

Huyu kijana anakaa horror.alafu swali ingine , kuuliza sio ujinga…whats with the flag…Hii flag nimecheki kwa movies mob lakini sijawai elewa ina represent nn? any1 in the know?


Its the confederate flag yaani ya wale wazungu walikuwa wakitaka slavery ibaki hizo enzi za tene

White supremists…naskia manzi alimuacha for a black man ndio akashika machungu.

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I was watching on the Daily Show that the confederate flag flies at full mast in the South Carolina capital, permanently. Yani even if the american flag is flying at half mast, hiyo haiwezi shuka.

He is a terrorist, just like ISIS, alshabaab n boko haram…but the western media will use euphemistic words to describe him such as “mentally unstable”, “depresssed”, “extremist” etc…mmmmh!

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Red necks got that flag in t shirts, car plates, mugs, belt buckles, painted on cars. And it still flies on some state buildings

To my recollection, it was only brought half mast during the twin tower attack back in 2001.

Some niggas also use the flag


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what are you guys talking about??? How do you know this kid?

used to love this song. just for the baseline. blows wind like nobody’s business

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That’s the kid who shot 12 people at a historical black church in the US where 9 of them died. Later,pictures emerged with him holding that flag and pistol.

One thing I like about this village is the richness of the information.

wow…thanks man

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It is the flag for the confederate states, this states were mainly from the south and were fighting with the northern states during the american civil war, the northern states wanted slavely to be abolished but the southern states did not want this since most plantations that had slaves were from the south, the north won the war and slavely was abolished,Hence that is why many american racists like to identify themselves with the confederate flag

basi asa tunajua y he went kukuz and bananas on dark skin lol

How stupid is that.