Wa wa wa wa wa! Obama hits Babuon's (non-existent) balls....

…addressing members of the Evil Society, Obama said that he had “briefly, very briefly” met Opposition (leaders??).

He said that ONE guy kept asking that he puts ‘pressure’ on the Kenyatta Government bla bla bla…

"I told him, weren’t you the same guy, when you were in Govt, who told us NOT to interfere? Why do you want us to interefere now (that you are out of Govt)? I will work with the legally-elected govt, " Obama said, or something to that effect.

Please go visit Babuon at Nairobi Hospital. “Kaaasin” has caused blood pressure to fika 170/130.


lol you trollin’ like your life depends on it.

I hate this game but I will allow myself to play it just this once … @FieldMarshal CouchP = @Jirani


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He he…nimeona hio. Kumbe our opposition took that to go tell on our govt. Naye akawaangusha that there is already a legally Democratic govt in place and POTUS will work with that. Saying this on public TV is a clear indication that huwa ameboeka Na Babu na his brainwashing of the entire luo nation. Ako wing gani niende na Lucozade?


Trolling? Itwas on live TV just minutes ago…

As for me being Jirani, well, Neartitties, well,…can we just ferk?

Man, that was mean of Potus! But I think he was just shocked by the opposition’s lack of political hygiene.


Snitches belong in ditches.

Raila should now just shut up that his own “brother” just shot him down.


‘When they are not in power, they want the USA to be involved in every government business, not so when they are in power’.

Then in his main speech at Kasarani.
'In a democracy, you can’t please everyone there are those who keep opposing everything ’

Woooi, RAO, hauna bahati round hii. Cousin Barry ashajua wewe ni Cryilla.

I liked what Obama said, hii whining imezidi, nasikia machozi inatoka Raila kweli kweli, just waiting for the opposition to call a press conference to say what they discussed na Obama.

Lmfao… Wea are his supporters akina Robert Alai

Not defending rao but I think that was meant for weta

All of those from the opposition that he met were in the last government, Raila, Kalonzo, Karua and Wetangula.

Remember this…from Mugo wa Wairimu

MURIITHI(JOURNALIST); All what you are saying is what is wrong with the government, you are not providing alternative leadership as CORD. You are not saying this is wrong. This is how it should be done.”

KALONZO MUSYOKA: “You know young man; you are entitled to asking, first of all I didn’t even get your name.”

MURIITHI; My name is KENNEDY MURIITHI from Nation Media Group.

KALONZO MUSYOKA: Thank you Murithi, THAT NAME BETRAYS YOU, ALREADY, I Have nothing else to say. Absolutely, I have nothing to say.”

OBAMA TODAY; “Stop judging people by their last names but from the content of their character”


Kuna vile mtu anaeza like mara mbili? Damn, I need multiple handles


I “hear” the expatriate think tank engaged “after a successful campaign in Naijaa” is busy burning the mid-afternoon oil to create a spin before the seven o’clock news…I say; good luck with that!

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that was meant for kalonzo

…and then he told the 'vil society chaps to be respectful in their presentations…wasn’t he not very subtly telling the likes of Bonehead Maangi that amewaonea mbali saana…

na sio Martha karua? She of the ‘persona non grata’ (whatever the sp) fame.

Jubilee spin-masters at work.

It was anyone but baba…but I am not the wahenga who said you are known by the company you keep…and it was their government where baba was prime minister…

Not forgetting frantic calls to newsrooms to friendly (on the payroll) editors not to re-air that segment from KU in their news.