Wa-ngozi aka waswahili

Ngozi people,Swahili city states,their decline


Sounds like “the prepuce people”. Hakukua na jina ingine?:smiley:

Nalifikiri watakuwa wakongwe Mabajuni Ssiu, nguja, Vanga, Barawa kuchambua. Kumbe is just Indians and Arabs. Very few of those people can tell much about Swahili

They are not Indians, though there are a small part of the Waswahili people that have Indian heritage. However, the Waswahili people are purely a mix of the people from a region in Ethiopia called Barawe who intermarried with Arabs from Yemen, Oman and Saudia.
That is why Kiswahili, as a language and culture, spread along the coastal towns and areas from Kismayu (formerly Ismailu), Mombasa, Pemba, Zanzibar, Pate, Siyu, Vanga, Pate, Comoros all the way to Nothern Mozambique - all thanks to Arabs trading activities.

Kiswahili is a Bantu language