Vybz kartel

I think this guy has a studio in jail, since Jan 2015 almost a hundred + songs out, hit after hit, truly dancehall in jail.

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Every time you bust a nut you will remember junkie gave you your first like

Even tupac has a studio in heaven.o_O


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hapa the rule for posting is “tell us something we dont know” otherwise hio upuss ingine peleka facebook na twitter

That’d be gay but thanks though.

You’re the idiot here to think he has one.

A link to those rules please? Where u acting like I asked for free internet. F off

Poa sana


si uongee kiswahili tu brathe usijiekele vitu huezani nazo

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There’s somn called autocorrect and typos, guess your illiterate elderly brain cant comprehend.

Nothing new… Tupac After death released 6 albums posthumous

More songs to inspire high school kids to rob and kill people au siyo mgaza lawi?


Forget the character but the music and the talent, give credit where its due plus he has inspiring songs too, have a listen to www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqoZLNjrsm8


Uncalled for.


You didn’ t have to insult the NV. Samehea mono kidogo.

next time basi!