VW Beetle takes it to another level

Just Dope.


Bulky ,sporty and quite mordern. Hio tail wangeiacha design ya beetle 2014-15 now its almost looking like a s jaguar f-Type with a saggy rear

Yaani ze germans are now copying the japanese. How low have the germans sunk?


Looks like they VW copied from Porsche.

Bado inabebea mizigo kwa bonnet ya mbele?

Same as Porsche.


This would make a nice toy if you get it with a high powered engine. The VW looks nice and meaner than than the girly look it had b4

The new Juke is also a far better improvement design-wise than the old. Hii ukipata in Juke R trim level it would be an excellent buy. Engine is the same as the GTR. Hii unanua as a toy. Sio daily driver