VPN Connection: I was really missing a lot! Glad I connected to via VPN

I was looking for solutions to watch Tour De France and this made me apply for a VPN client… Now I am not only watching TDF live but all kinds of documentaries free of charge from all over the world! Right now I am “an Australian” watching https://www.9now.com.au/live/life … I am really happy and will maintain the VPN subscription…


I wish they did! But I am happy… I let me edit out the brand…

Bro why pay for a vpn…I get mine at no cost(Nordvpn)

Are you sure? I had checked and it was a paid service… I have rechecked now and it is not free… How do you get the free service?


In the tech sector it is often said that when a service is free, you are the product. Free VPN companies have to generate revenue from advertisements, so most of them embed third party trackers to monitor your online activity. Then they harvest that data and sell it. This is the exact opposite of what VPN is supposed to do. Its like having sex with a condom full of holes. If you really value your safety and privacy on the internet, it’s worth spending money on a premium VPN.

I wrote in the brackets nordvpn which isn’t free.

Any suggestions for good VPNs?

Nordvpn iko sawa plus huwa haiwi blocked sana