Voodoo priest says the best spell for protection against evil spirits is abstinence

I know people here don’t believe what is in the Bible and that is why I try to get corroborating thoughts from other spiritual authorities. I don’t endorse what they worship but some spiritual truths or laws apply across the board. You always wonder why promiscuous men and women have alot of bad omens, it’s because soul ties make people vulnerable to attack from evil spirits, using drugs and alcohol also attracts evil spirits and that’s why majority of murder is done when people are under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.


Many people you see denying the existence of the occult and the spiritual world in Ktalk are most likely deeply involved or a just stupid.

the words in the holy book are sacred.
knowing the truth I want to be high 24/7
I never get why the minions are allowed to fuck with us come on they can see you you can’t see them again who am I to judge I guess it’s how the system is enginered am not criticizing anyone or anything just another human experiencing the matrix the cycle has been going on for ages.