Volvo S70 RHS Headlight

I’m urgently in need of a RHS headlight for Volvo S70.Suggestions on how I can get one welcome.

amazon motors

Been there.They want the car driven to their garage which I prefer not to do.

Kariobangi. There’s a fellow who deals with Volvo spares exclusively.

How do I get his contact/address?

Don’t have contacts. The place is around mahutini bar.[ATTACH=full]8665[/ATTACH]

0724110430 Abu and thank me later.

Huyu aligonga mtu

I’ll thank you right away,many thanks!

Much gratitude Bus

0722113666-alex volvo

Thank you so much @meric

THEEVAN Auto, opposite city stadium. bei yao ni smarter


how is running a volvo in Kenya like? kuna s80 moja I have been eyeing but never made up my mind

I can’t complain.Good consumption,parts are on the high side,but if you replace genuine parts,they last forever.Depending on the price,and condition,I’d snap it up.What jazzes me most with a Volvo are its safety features.

thanks I will give it a keen look and decide 500k na imesimama poa

Nani anajua any second hand dealer of BMW parts…I’ve found out that most places charge exorbitant prices even more expensive than For Mercs

BMW cars are the most expensive to maintain cars yet the most vulnerable to breakdown.

That has not been my experience of them.