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XC 90 and S60
I find Volvo cars stylish and appealing. I mostly see older ones in our country while the BMWs and Benzes are plenty. Between a Benz and a Volvo, or between a BMW and Volvo, which would you pick?


A Volvo because the makers are focussing more on safety…

Volvo was once deemed the safest car on the road, not sure if it still has that tag but I dont find them stylish especially the front grill

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Grill iko fiti.

Even the interior is awesome.

I actually like the xc60 ragher than the 90…but if given the choice i’d take the bimma. M9!

still one of the safest cars but surprisingly not popular in kenya,mlirogwa na toyota

with limited resources safety is not our number one priority


kabisa, convenience and mobility is

true,volvos are not exactly cheap,if you can afford one you would rather go for german rather than swedish cars

Volvo anytime… Doesn’t come cheap though!

Volvo invented the three point seat belt which every automobile uses nowdays, they did not patent it, for the sake of safety they let everybody else have it.

German cars reek of luxury and class, so does Volvo. But German cars are more popular. When it comes to maintenance costs and fuel consumption of Volvos vis-à-vis equivalent German automobiles, I don’t know the specifics. The depth of the pockets has the say though.

And what happened to our Mobious II?

I’d take the XC90 over the BMW X6 anyday

The Mobius II is ready. I have seen several on the road. Looks very ugly but tough. If you want one come to KVM thika. They will soon embark on its marketing campign