Voluptuous, Buxom, luscious Mami. ( village chiefs only)




That body , probably on ARVs

Sungura na matunda


No contest, the village chieths can have her.

kwani ni mrefu kuliko nyumba na miti, mbotoshop

Please yourself responsibly?

It’s the camera angle of attack

Io haiwezi safisho macho na io…

This one is fake, she did surgery, she used to be very ugly

Huyo baby alpha male ako ritho,ZAIDI Buana


Where have you been ?

Hizi hapana @digi ukitaka the Starscream seal of approval weka slim ladies

Hio kibao hapo nyuma imeandikwa “please yourself responsibly”.

Picha ya FB unaficha sura ya nini ngombe ino

It’s dangerous to leave a toddler unattended just like that. What if some other shopper bumps into his cart and starts rolling away?

Lemmie post a photo of her without clothes…She looks like a hippo…she is a south african Instagram socialite