Volkswagen Sienta

Naskiaga gari za Germany ndio hubebwa namna hii juu ya mashinda ati toyota ndio mambo yote. Sasa ndiyo hiyo VW Sienta[ATTACH=full]358788[/ATTACH]

Toyota cvt gari mbovu zaidi. sinanga issue an auto zao.

Apart from Rav4, gani ingine ni the usual auto na si kadudu?

The original Fielder, Premio, Prado, Hilux were all autos.

Toyotas have the best CVT in the market… time tested, zimepiga more than 500k miles, yes miles, and counting

Nissan has the worst since they get theirs from Jatco. Ikipita 200k miles, again miles, bila issue inakuwa una bahati sana

How come today you are praising Toyodas my Arab master?

Their CVT

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all landcruiser variants except for few manuals, toyota crown, toyota mark x, toyota Camry, the alphard, the rush. Etc. Cvt is for cheap cars like tududu

I have one low mileage toyota crap that slips like hell. They also have installed an engine made in china with issues like leaking main seals and sensors crapping out. I couldnt believe it that sensors can go out on a toyota just like that. It cant do 50km without slipping.

Uza that ghaseer

Brand gani?