Volkswagen golf mk4

Hey guys, my car recently refused to start as it made no sound when turning the key. When I checked under, i noticed a small leakage. Kutoa dipstick ya gearbox ikaanza kumwaga fluid kama yote. Who has an idea on what could cause this?

Labda ni hiyo ATF ilimwaga.

Check up here in red

I haven’t gone under the car yet, so far all I have is that when I remove the dipstick more ATF comes out. I just wanted to know whether the two issues could be related.

Check underlined.
Mix two blue pills in the fuel tank three times a day.thank me later

Every car owner should have a reliable mech to handle such problems. Only venture outside the relationship huyo mech akishindwa.

Hii ni shida inakaa imekusumbua sana. I doubt u just came up with that this morning

Sounds like an oil leak. But not sure.

You might get more help from the VW Owners Club Kenya Telegram group: Home of Volkswagen ,Seat, Skoda and Audi Owners. Invite link:

nigawie dawa yake please,i’ll appreciate

Thanks a lot

You @chriskiil you are a nasty ,old witch.nimecheka yangu yote. :D:D

Hao hawawezi Saidia hata kidogo

I highly doubt, me thinks it’s just a group with a sticker for members

Na uweke gari sumpguard.

Tayari ikonayo

Still waiting for a response but starting to share the same opinion

Wachana na hizo plastic za wazungu, they’re no match for our roads. Weka ya steel ‘checker plate’, heavy gauge. I’m assuming, by the way, that something hit the cork in the underside to result in leaking ATF.

Where are you located? I can inbox you contacts for a car whisperer

He should be able to diagnose and sort it out for you

I am in Ngong Town. Please share the contacts

I already placed such a sump guard. But I guess the space between the sump and guard was too little

Hio gari inakuwanga na issues za gearbox. angalia online labda itakusaidia.