Wakubwa help me here. How do I stop vlc from repeating a certain lets say song after it has finished playing. My vlc is repeating the same song instead of quiting.

Another problem is my playlists. My vlc plays only the first song and repeats it instead of going to the next song. Saidieni mimi hapa.

As a @MANKY I’d recommend Media Monkey for audio media playback

Asante sana

Small Problems…VLC kwa Mac does not arrange the files in order…I wound up watching Episode 10 instead of Episode 2…and the entire show was fucked!

Go to Tools>Preferences> Angalia pale chini kabisa for radio button ya SIMPLE na ALL, click on ALL, hapo on the side utaona PLAYLIST click on it…play around with the many playback options as u save and exit to see which one u prefer.

Mac you say !!!

ndio hio efidens

Just disable/Enable the random feature by pressing letter R kwa keyboard when vlc is playing.